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Hazardous Cargo

If you supply or purchase 'Dangerous Goods', then TOGL can help you overcome the complexities that often accompany the movement of these restricted materials, particularly by air. TOGL has Hazardous Certified personnel who can conduct the logistics process to the end user.

Overseas Relocation Support services

Total support for moving, visa application, real estate referrals, and language training for employees assigned overseas by client companies operating internationally. Services for overseas-assigned employees to ensure full access to all qualified benefit programs and the personnel divisions of the client businesses in improving Administrative efficiency.

Medical Logistics

Services to help medical equipment and drug manufacturers and medical institutions distribute products and services safely t ensure the best possible solutions without errors in shipment or damage to products.

Fine Arts Transport

Packaging and transport services specializing in art objects for exhibitors and event promoters. These services support the safe, secure display of priceless works of art.

Trade Logistics + Export Factory

Services to curb total costs and shorten response time through the whole process of packaging, customs clearance, overseas transport, and account settlement entrusted by clients distributing merchandise across the globe.

Beverage Transportation

Services for beverage manufacturers to implement just-in-time (JIT) delivery and reduction in distribution costs by loading/unloading and transport specialized for glass bottles, cans and PET bottles.

Sales Logistics

Services for manufacturers and distributors to support the growth of sales by applying Third Party Logistics (3PL) affiliated with a variety of transport modes including the parcel delivery network.

Service Parts Logistics

Services to help the clients manufacturing consumable goods enhance competitiveness by contracting the supply of service parts, the repair of original equipment, and the provision of a wide range of after-sales services including recall campaigns.


Document Logistics

Provision of fully customized logistics for industrial product manufacturers, which include materials procurement for manufacturing plants, operation of parts centers, parts supply to production lines, and the delivery of finished products. Services to help maximize production efficiency.

Lump-sum contracts are entrusted by publishers, mail-order houses, and financial institutions to design, print, pack, deliver, and administer data for printed magazines, catalogues, and pamphlets. Services to deliver documents without loss and at low cost in a short period of time.

Document Secure solution

Services for all businesses to process highly classified documents - promptly, efficiently, and securely - through central management from storage to disposition.


Air Consolidation

TOGL is dedicated to your cost sensitive needs. We will consolidate your shipments To and from INDIA even when we pick up at separate times of the day. If you have a critical shipment that did not make the first pick up, just give us a call. If we haven't tendered your cargo to the airline yet, we will consolidate your shipment even if it is to be picked up from a different location in the same province or city.

Benefits Include:

Air cargo Assembly

If you ship goods to or from multiple companies in the same country or region, or simply have orders for one company that get shipped continually, TOGL can assemble the consignments as one.


Cross Trade/Third Party

If you have a consignment that is required by your client in another part of the world, TOGL can collect from your supplier and ship directly to your end-user, coordinating your movements through the TOGL extensive network.


We Provide comprehensive ocean freight forwording services including FCL and LCL consolidated shipments to and from the world's major markets. Our worldwide network of responsive, highly trined professionals and integrated information systems to satisfy the needs of international tradre.

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